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Biking South Lake Tahoe – Route and Highlights

2 Bikes on South Lake Tahoe

This post is about biking South Lake Tahoe! Last week, I traveled to South Lake Tahoe to bike the lake and get fresh mountain air. Biking during the Summer is one of Tahoe’s most popular activities. With tons of bike trails and rental shops for tourists there is plenty to do.

South Lake Tahoe Overview

Picture of Emerald Bay, South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is a California resort city on Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada mountain. Lake Tahoe is diverse region with different areas (North, South, Reno). Check out this article from Tahoe South Blog for more information on the different regions.

Bike Route

South Lake Tahoe Bike Route

Google Maps

Strava Map of South Lake Tahoe Bike Ride

Strava Ride link

Highlights from the Bike Ride

Emerald Bay Bike Ride

The highlight of the bike ride was definitely enjoying Baldwin Beach in South Lake Tahoe. The weather was great and the lake water felt refreshing after biking ~10 miles.

Even though there wasn’t too many people on the bike trails, I always bike with a mask.

Specialized Diverge and Marin Bike South Lake Tahoe

My bike’s on the left and my Veronica’s bike is on the right. We found a bench on Baldwin Beach where we could leave our stuff and jump in the water.

Me eating crackers
Yakima FrontLoaders + Subaru

I live in Oakland so I had to transport our bikes to Tahoe. My Yakima FrontLoaders held up well during the drive!

👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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