BIPOC – What Does It Stand For?

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BIPOC stands for ‘Black, Indigenous, People of Color’ and is now ubiquitous on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The term BIPOC aims to emphasize the historic oppression of Black and Indigenous people.

The BIPOC Project states that BIPOC highlights “the unique relationship to whiteness that Indigenous and Black (African Americans) people have, which shapes the experiences of and relationship to white supremacy for all people of color within a U.S. context”.

History of BIPOC

First Tweet (2013)

According to the New York Times, the first tweet using BIPOC is dated July 31, 2013 by an account titled @GrindToronto.

After the horrific killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, BIPOC began to spread on social media. You can view a few examples of tweets using BIPOC below.

Examples of BIPOC in Use Today (2020)

Essays on BIPOC

You can the following essays below for additional perspectives on the term BIPOC. If you have any additional essays you would like added to this list, feel free to leave a comment or message me on twitter.

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