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Chemex Coffee – Instructions for the Best Morning Cafecito

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Nothing makes the best daily coffee better than my Chemex. Every morning, I wake up and instantly boil water for my morning cup of coffee. I’ve tried different coffee machines, instant coffee, and even a Keurig but I always return to my Chemex.

When I use my Chemex, I remember that my abuelita used to make coffee in Guatemala using a similar technique. She had a steel version of a Chemex-like device (not glass) and her small stovetop kettle. Even though mine feels fancier and high-tech (temperature control), the Chemex feels raw and I feel closer to my coffee and at the same time closer to mi abuelita.

I wrote this article for a simple version of a great morning coffee with your Chemex. Also for me to look back when I forget the ratio!

Chemex Brew Instructions

Makes enough for 2-3 people! There is always enough coffee for Vero and me.

What you need:

  • 50g of grinded coffee
  • 700ml of water at 200F
  • 1 Chemex
  • 1 Chemex Filter
  • Water Kettle

Step 1 – Add filter and preheat with 200F water

I’ve A/B tested it and it does make a difference to pre-heat your filter. Simply pour some water to warm up your filter and then pour out the water afterward.

Step 2 – Add grinded coffee

Make sure to spread it out. I personally enjoy the 50g and 700ml combination of water. If you need to make more coffee for let’s say 3-4 people, I would add more coffee and water in a similar ratio.

Step 3 – Pour 100-200ml of water in your Chemex and let it bloom

This is the fun part! Pour a small amount of water over the coffee beans and wait for about 30-45 seconds for them to bloom. This will release oxygen and make the coffee taste better.

Step 4 – Pour rest of water in circular motion

Using 3-4 more pours, you can pour the rest of the water on the ground coffee beans.

Step 5 – Pour coffee into your favorite cup

I pour my finished coffee usually into my Yeti cup. When I commute to the office, I take it to work with me. It keeps my coffee warm for a few hours.

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