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Latinx entrepreneurs in food

This week, I’m highlighting a sample of the many extraordinary Latinx entrepreneurs in food. If you have any colleagues, you would like to add to this list or want to highlight, comment on the post below. This post highlights just a few of the many entrepreneurs!

🌱Todo Verde – Plant-based Food

Todo Verde Logo

Todo Verde is a woman of color-owned food business inspired by Latin American roots and flavors that provides healthy and delicious plant-based, culturally relevant dishes to the East Los Angeles community and beyond. Jocelyn, the founder, founded Todo Verde in 2015 and has built a wonderful collection of dishes, cookbooks, and seasonings.

Todo Verde food seasoning

Vero, my partner, has been working with them on their Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) line of seasonings! You can cook just like the team below with these incredible spices.

Todo Verde Team

You can learn more about the team and mission by clicking the link below. They offer private cooking classes, catering in LA, and seasoning shipped nationwide.

🥫Kuali Salsas – Authentic Mexican Salsas

Kuali Logo

Kauli is a Latino-owned artisanal salsa business bringing the bold, authentic, and unapologetic flavors of México in every salsa they make. Kauli makes small batches of salsa every week.

Kuali Team

The founders, Janeen and Rodrigo Cruz started this business in their home kitchen in Oakland, CA. Janeen is the daughter of Mexican immigrants from El Ejido Hermosillo, Baja California, MX, and Rodrigo is an immigrant from México City, MX.

Kuali Macha Salsas

Their Kuali Macha Salsa is fantastic! You can put it on everything. I love to use it on meats, eggs, and vegetables. I even put it on my avocado toast!

📈 BLVD MRKT – Building community and incubating talent

BLVD MRKT - Food Entrepreneurs

Barney Santos and the BLVD MRKT have something extraordinary going on in Montebello. This marketplace is a staple in the community. It’s one of our must-have stops when visiting Vero’s family in East Los Angeles.

BLVD MRKT was founded to revitalize Montebello’s downtown area by fostering community engagement and igniting economic activity through artisan food, art, culture, and entrepreneurship. BLVD MRKT has a mentoring and incubator program for new businesses to start and launch. They offer mentors, capital, and a community to assist entrepreneurs who have a pop-up, farmers market, or are selling from home and want to transition to a store or formal in-person location.

Inside BLVD MRKT, you have some awesome businesses such as:

  • Cafe Santo Cafe Santo is a people of color-owned coffee business focused on Oaxacan flavors and culture. 
  • VCHOS Pupuseria Moderna – Serving pupusas throughout Los Angeles
  • Los Taquero Mucho – Serving classic tacos with a Mexican-Guatemalan twist⁣⁣ 
  • Nola Cajun and CreoleNOLA Cajun and Creole is an authentic Southern-style restaurant serving Cajun cuisine in Los Angeles.
  • Alchemy Craft – A bar that celebrates the artisanal genius of craft beer brewers & winemakers. 
  • Pez Cantina – Coastal Mexican food

Comment below if you have any Latinx entrepreneurs in food you want to highlight!

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