TablePlus, a New Database Management Tool, is Awesome

Recently, I’ve been using TablePlus to run my queries. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how easy to use TablePlus is. It’s an awesome program and everyone should look into it. They offer a free version and a paid lifetime (perpetual) license.

The Features

Table Plus Screenshot
  1. Native, lightweight and fast
  2. Really intuitive and easy to use
  3. A smart query editor
  4. Offers a FREE version with some restrictions
  5. Connects to a variety of relational databases so you don’t need to switch programs. This is normally a huge pain point for larger organizations.


  1. MySQL Workbench
  2. pgAdmin
  3. Sequel Pro

From my experience, TablePlus is much easier and more pleasant to use than MySQL Workbench and pgAdmin. I highly recommend trying out TablePlus.

Here’s a more detailed writeup TablePlus did against MySQL Workbench and Sequel Pro:


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