Wild Beyond by Strange Sevens – Game Review

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In this post, I’m going to do a game review of one of my favorite game’s I’m currently playing, Wild Beyond. Wild Beyond is a new game released by Seven Studios that is really fun to play and battle against other individuals.

From the App Store:

Wild Beyond is a fast-paced RTS-inspired PVP combat game with immersive 3D visuals. Choose a faction, assemble a deck, and battle other players in real-time. Made for RTS and CCG enthusiasts, Wild Beyond packs deep strategy into high-action, 3-minute matches.

Personally, I find it to be a fun mix of StarCraft, League of Legends, and Fortnite’s graphics optimized for mobile gaming.

The PVP part of the game is what is most exciting about this game. The matches are short, so you can quickly play a game while commuting or waiting for an Uber or Lyft.


Cards, Cards, Cards

The Gameplay of Wild Beyond is similar to StarCraft but with cards that create decks. You have the option to edit your decks and level up cards as you play. Each card has special abilities that are unique to each Faction.


Wild Beyond has different Factions you can play with. These Factions can be loosely mapped to some of the Factions in StarCraft. For example, Nash, the Legion’s commander draws inspiration from the Terrans in StarCraft.

Game Outlook

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