Yakima FrontLoader Review

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In this article, I’ll provide my review of the Yakima FrontLoader. The FrontLoader is an excellent choice for cars with a low roof height. Using the FrontLoader you can mount a bike to the top of your vehicle. You can add the Yakima FrontLoader to rectangular, circular, or factory crossbars.

Yakima FrontLoader Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Easy to install
  • No need to remove your front wheel
  • Handles all axles (quick release and thru axles)
  • Very stable


  • Not the easiest to load a bike (this is just a general roof rack problem)
  • Not compatible with fat bikes
  • Locks do not come standard (You have to purchase SKS locks)

Where to Buy?

FrontLoader + My Subaru

Yakima Frontloader and Subaru

I recently got into biking and needed a way to get my bikes on my car. I had a unique scenario where I had a quick-release axle but my girlfriend’s bike had a thru axle. I also did not want to invest in new crossbars since I eventually will have a hitch-based system.

I needed a bike rack that could:

  • Handle quick release and thru axles without additional hardware
  • Fit my factory Subaru crossbars
  • Handle long drives to Tahoe, San Diego, and Los Angeles

While a hitch based rack system is the ideal choice for most bikers, I currently don’t have a hitch yet. It is on my to do list!

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