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Yeti Presents – The Power of Story Telling

In October, I took a United Airlines flight to San Diego. I went down to San Diego mainly to visit family and enjoy the sun.

On my way back to San Francisco, I took advantage of my limited entertainment options with United. I sat through a series of Yeti episodes that appeared in front of me on the small monitor. Titled, Yeti Presents, they were my favorite part of my flight back.

It was ages since I watched a short film and I thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling and magic these films brought.


The first film, My Mom Vala, is about a young girl named Matilda who narrates us through her family’s fly fishing business. Throughout the short film, you can hear Matilda’s mother, Vala, showing her daughter how to live life independently and to follow your passions. It was an amazing short film, which I highly recommend.


The second film, SAM, was a beautiful memoir to a duck hunter’s Labrador Retriever, Sam. While I’m not a duck hunter nor do I hunt, I really enjoyed the storytelling behind this piece and the beautiful cinematography it brings. A part of the film I really enjoyed is how the main protagonist, Steve, measures his life in terms of the dogs he’s owned. From the beginning to end, this is a masterpiece.

The last film I saw titled, Flip Pallot – Legendary Fly Fishing Guide, showed Flip Pallot explaining his transition from banking into fishing. The short film demonstrates how seriously he takes fly fishing guiding. He notes that “You are with them at the very, very happiest moments of their year” and how that makes you appreciate how special each trip is for someone.

As the film ends, there is a focus on the importance of the experience on how the best equipment can bring the best memories for his clients. Furthermore, he notes that time is irreplaceable and that you can never replace a sub-par experience.

The Story Telling

After watching these three films, I was mesmerized by Yeti and the storytelling behind each of their products. I had heard of Yeti before from wandering the aisles of REI, but I had never considered buying something from them. Now, the Yeti Tundra 35, shown in My mom Vala and Flip Pallot, is calling my name for Christmas.


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